101 Online Summer Tutoring Camp


June 1st-July 10th
Our Nationwide 6 Week Online Summer Camp Focuses on Closing the Achievement Gap

What are C-TAG summer tutoring camps? StudyHall 101 C-TAG online summer tutoring camps offer personalized tutoring in math, science, reading comprehension, and English as a second language (ESL). Our staff consist of state certified teachers who provide daily sessions tailored to each student’s academic need. Our data driven camps focus on skill development and growth while addressing grade appropriate state benchmarks, strands and standards. Our camps are guaranteed to increase learning gains!


  • Real-time environment that recreates the classroom in the comfort of your home.

  • Voice-based sessions with your very own personal tutors. Interact, chat and talk live with them.

  • Share documents, assignments, tests or even e-books during your lesson and beyond.

  • Write and draw on the whiteboard using fun tools

  • Watch your tutor explain concepts and demonstrate problem solving methods.

  • Ask questions and get answers in real time.

  • All sessions are recorded for review anytime. Students can replay sessions to review and refresh concepts.

  • Solve practice worksheets by your tutor post-session to internalize concepts taught.

  • Make Homework no longer a chore and let learning be no more a routine.

Our summer tutoring science camp is designed to expand the horizons of students allowing for increased connections in hopes of closing the achievement gap. These sessions will address state benchmarks and standards

  • MS Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

Our reading lessons are targeted, providing explicit, systematic instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Based on assessment results, we design an individualized tutoring plan that builds on students identified strengths while addressing their needs.


MS Sessions

HS Sessions

Extended Math

Our math lessons address the number world by providing instruction to students that need reinforcement in mathematics skills and to prepare students to meet the demands of newly adopted changes in math academic curricula. Our lessons are designed to develop foundational understanding in each concept so that students develop on-level mathematical proficiency.


  • MS Math

  • Algebra 1

  • Algebra 2

  • Geometry

  • Math for College

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