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How can StudyHall101 enhance the teaching and learning home school experience?


Home school families are well-known for having can do attitudes as well as the skill and ability to back them up. Home school supervisors, usually parents, teach nearly every subject under the sun, taking into account the differing learning styles, needs, and interests of their children in order to make the learning process as enjoyable and interesting as it is informative. Every now and then, however, there is a subject that the parent supervisor finds challenging, doesn't enjoy, or simply would rather not teach. Students and parents often wish they had more support at home.


StudyHall101 sessions can be "the next best thing to being there." It provides the opportunity to teach and collaborate anytime, anywhere.




  • Promotes community building

  • Engages students with interactive, media-rich presentations

  • Invites immediate and follow-up discussion in real-time to clarify and expand content presented

  • Allows for collaboration and communication on group projects and during breakout sessions

  • Provides the ability to use facial and body language via video

  • Presents opportunities for tutoring regardless of geographic location

  • Offers 1:1 communication between instructor

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