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ESOL 101 tutoring sessions are for students whose native, or home, language is other than English. ESOL classes are available for students who don't speak English or have limited skills in reading, writing, and speaking English. Students are pre-tested to determine their ability and begin their studies at that level.






An introductory course for students with no English proficiency or very limited proficiency. Emphasis on speaking and listening skills, grammar, and development of vocabulary for everyday life. Introduction to elementary reading and writing.


An elementary course for students with limited English proficiency. Emphasis on the development of speaking and listening skills, grammar, writing, reading, and vocabulary for everyday life.


A transitional beginning-intermediate course which reviews and refines the foundations of English grammar. Emphasis is on application and practice in all four skill areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking.


1. Foundations of English

2. English for Academic Purposes

An intermediate course with an emphasis on integrated skill development. Instruction in expository writing at the paragraph and short essay level and reading of simplified material. Includes review of all grammatical structures and introduction of more complex grammatical structures. Practice in basic listening and note-taking


A transitional intermediate-advanced course with in-depth study of selected complex grammar structures. Reading of both simplified ESL and authentic academic material. Writing of expository compositions and a brief library research paper. Practice in advanced listening, conversation, and use of idioms.

3. English for Communication and Culture

This intermediate course emphasizes integrated English language skills development, including a variety of communicative activities, discussions, dialogs, videos, simplified reading materials and writing tasks for personal and professional situations, as well as guest speakers and field trips related to course material.


Levels focus on comprehensive language skill refinement and complex grammar structures with immediate application in everyday and professional contexts. The courses include use of authentic reading materials from cultural and professional situations, authentic writing tasks to enable students to function more effectively in social and professional situations, videos, guest speakers and virtual field trips to integrate learning into the everyday world. Speaking tasks include practice in public speaking, presentations, and negotiations for professional and personal situations.

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