*Live Online Homeschool Camps Now Available

*Studyhall 101 provides access to live online classes, study material, tests, assignments (COVID-19)

With the recent public health concerns around coronavirus COVID-19, many students are switching to online lessons.

In view of the pandemic, Studyhall 101 is offering homeschool support to students, parents and schools around the country. Studyhall 101 offers live daily homeschool support classes delivered by certified teachers in a real-time virtual learning environment.

Students Grades 5 - 9 will recieve homeschool support classes  in the following grade level subject areas:  Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. These 4 hour daily sessions will allow students to study from the safety of their home and avoid travel and public places.

  We are 100%  committed in assisting students who have had their learning process uninterrupted due to the national epidemic.

We believe online Learning is a safe option in these risky and uncertain times. We are closely monitoring the viruses impact and we are here to assist students & schools with all their learning needs.

Get Connected With  Studyhall101

StudyHall101.com is a web-based online tutoring platform created by national board certified teachers, school administrators, and educational advocates. Here students grades 6-12 can receive online subject area tutoring, test prep assistance, and home school support.


We combine technology with proven instructional based strategies to increase academic achievement.  Our certified teachers interact and collaborate online as they would in a physical classroom targeting state benchmark components to improve student success.


Our learning technology uses an interactive whiteboard with audio and chat that is simple and easy to use. All that you need is a headset or an inbuilt microphone, a home computer and an internet connection so your child can interact live and online with the tutor of your choice.

Why Parents Choose StudyHall 101:

Easy Scheduling

Making time for your child’s education is a priority, but sometimes you can’t fit everything into a day!

Online tutoring makes scheduling easier because there’s no drive time involved.


The Extra Personal Approach

Our online tutors are experts in making personal connections and motivating kids over the computer,

offering one-on-one attention that’s just right for your child.


Private Assisstance

If you have a teenager who’s hesitant to get tutoring help, online tutoring allows your students to learn

in the privacy of home. Your teen can build skills, ask questions and master concepts at his or her own

pace and style — without embarrassment.

Take Control of Your Education

With StudyHall 101 online tutoring program, students receive tutoring without having to leave the comfort of home
All Online Tutoring Sessions Are Offered In One-On-One Or Group Settings
Tutor 101

Online subject area sessions are geared towards all grade levels and needs.

College Prep 101

Online Guidance Assistance for students requiring middle, high school or college planning

HomeSchool 101 (Support)

We provide Flexible, Online Learning for Grades 6-12.

ESOL 101

ESOL 101 tutoring sessions are for students whose native, or home, language is other than English


Online subject area sessions are geared towards all grade levels and needs.


What can we help you with?


Email: info@studyhall101.com

Phone: (386) 693-0576

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